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Raaj Brar (Business)
Raaj Kapur Brar (Arts)
Raj Brar (High School)


Ray Brown

Life is about making choices.  Some require you to outthink and outdo yourself from your yesterdays. Being brave, bold, focused and humble is how you get to the finish line. 

Ray Brown, is an author, podcaster, visionary and entrepreneur.  Not exactly a jack of all trades, but believes never, ever quit!  Ray currently has over 14 podcast shows; ranging from Meditation, Consciousness, Business, Sports, Spirituality, Mental Health, Relationships, Parenting, Comedy, and so on… view more on his website

Ray’s experience spans from human consciousness, business, politics, and how our social infrastructure is set up.  Existing system models are designed around controlling the human mind and keeping people enslaved.  So when Ray launched this project Global Rethink, he was prepared to answer the obvious questions that would arise given the magnitude of his vision.  So to get a better understanding of Ray, here is a detailed timeline of his work, awards, media articles, and why he started this project.

Ray Brown, born (Rajinder Brar) in India, came to Canada at a very young age. Initially first arrived on Vancouver Island, and then moved between Vancouver and Calgary a lot; his single mother finally settled in Abbotsford, BC. Ray went to North Poplar Elementary School, and then Abbotsford Junior, and Abby Senior. His passions were and still are sports (basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis) and technology.


Ray grew up playing Canadian Basketball and playing against Steve Nash.  Internet was not around back then, so it’s hard to find photos of Ray (Raj Brar), but Ray still has a lot of his trophies for shooting excellence. Just search in this article ‘Raj Brar’… and you’ll see a little bit of history-making.

Here’s a link we found outlining Ray’s team’s loss in the AAA BC Finals.

1991-92 BCSS triple-A – boys


Ray took a crash course at BCIT which they don’t offer to the public to get an understanding of how media, broadcast journalism, and publishing all work. He learned how a production show set is created, and how anchor people train their voices to speak in front of the camera. To how magazines are produced and printed. Then in 1999, Ray launched his first magazine, called South Asian Life.

It was an ethnic brand which was to highlight the best of South Asians in Canada. Ray received several awards and recognition from Canada’s Prime Minister at the time Jean Chrétien.

In 2003, Ray published a cover with Deepak Chopra, that went viral. In 2005, Ray took his business online and stopped publishing a print version of the magazine. Major brands, like Rogers, RBC, CIBC, Mercedes-Benz, P&G, L’Oréal, Ford and Unilever started advertising online on Ray’s magazine and eventually year over year the ethnic advertising budgets kept decreasing, and the project operating costs became too high to keep the ethnic project running, and in 2014, the ethnic magazine stopping publishing online.

The mainstream fashion magazine project started taking off in 2012 and kept growing year over year to attract over 20 million visitors per month to its website.


From 1995 onwards decided to study psychology at Douglas College in New Westminster, to better understand the mind. He had read up to 4th-year psychology and was impatient with the college methods of teaching.

Ray got a contract at a San Francisco “Think Tank” company based out of Vancouver from 1996 to 1998. He spent time around bright people who were considered the spin doctors of media and politicians. This company created methodologies that were blueprints to decode how to “what to say,” “to whom,” and how to “set the stage.” Their formulas were so accurate and bulletproof that you would think they were all psychic with a crystal ball. The “Think Gurus” knew how consciousness worked and how society and the targeted demographic within that society were programmed. In other words they knew how to plant seeds through news content, movies, and music… to take advantage of when ripe. Ray left in 1998 because he couldn’t be part of that level of brainwashing people into buying more cell phones to any other trends that big companies or Governments were pushing out.

Facebook Affiliation

In 2009, Ray met the Facebook Canada team in Toronto, as they were setting up an office there. He met them in a club where he would normally hold one of his parties. The FB team set up a meeting in their offices with Ray shortly after and gave him over $650k in FB credit line (no references asked) to spend on the engagement, followers, etc. So after Ray noticed the engagement and followers were looking strange and took a deeper look into who exactly was following his pages and engaging… and found over 80% of those profiles were all coming from Dakha, India. Ray brought this to the attention of the FB team when they were out partying, and they said, yeah that is one of our “Farms” where there are thousands of people sitting on VPN connections creating profiles and clicking on Ads, and following your pages and engaging on your content. Ray laughed… and said, so you “Fuckers” are gonna bill for fake shit? They said… no… and they laughed, you’re never gonna get billed… cheers and laughed.

Public Offering

By 2013, Ray’s Facebook content was getting over 200 million+ users viewing it… how much was real or not, he had no clue. But the Advertisers were happy, his social credibility was extremely high, and everyone was drinking the kool-aid of do not ask any questions… if you’re not part of the club… go wait outside.

In early 2014, Ray met through the executive team of DailyMotion a bunch of guys in L.A. that loved his numbers and vetted and double-checked to make sure they were legit. They said they would love to take his numbers and create a new project, focused on “Video Streaming Content” and take that project public. And they would want him as Chairman/CEO. They said that going public will inject a lot of cash into this project that will help Ray create whatever he wants. The idea sounded too good to be true. So Ray asked them, what was in for them, and they said, money, and also that they would like to stay on to help Ray keep growing and would like shares in the company. So Ray thought about it and said, “OK, one condition if I don’t like anything, I take my brands and walk.” They said, no problem.

Most of 2014 was spent auditing financials, and numbers and meeting with the top Investment firms like Benchmark Capital, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Dominick & Dominick (now known as Dominick & Dickerman), Guggenheim Partners, etc. They all loved the numbers and the direction the company was headed, and Ray remembers one meeting when a senior executive at Guggenheim comes over and says, “We never saw you coming,” and laughed. “But now, we are gonna need to keep an eye on you.” Later on that night, Ray had a visitor not from this planet standing at the edge of my bed (that’s another story). In December 2014, the company went public under the name HDIMAX MEDIA Inc. The reason we went public so fast is that we did a reverse merger take over of an existing public company, called Indigo-Energy Inc.

In January 2015, Ray resigned as Chairman/CEO and gave back the majority of the shares. Ray walked away from over $5+ Billion dollars because he refused to be the face of a public company whose content was going to be controlled in a toxic way by the investment companies. His net worth would’ve tripled if he did what he knew best to brainwash the people and get them more dumbed down.

Ray started other businesses a month later, and as Ray couldn’t do business in the industry he left, due to a conflict of interest. So Ray went back to online publishing and his business started making over seven figures monthly. They were keeping an eye on Ray and felt he was a threat to their way of life. So they made up lawsuits to sue him that were baseless so that he would drain his cash flow in the court systems and lawyers. While that was happening every month, Ray’s companies were losing clients without any explanation. After a year of playing their games and spending a lot of money on lawyers, Ray got more of the short end of the stick, as he found out the hard way, that his lawyers were actually on their payroll, giving them all of my strategies and next moves. They advised Ray to go into bankruptcy in 2016, where they had two big Canadian law firms waiting to keep Ray stuck there.

Community Affiliations

In 1998, Ray (Raj) helped the RCMP in BC with fundraising to raise awareness for ‘Violence Against Women.’

In 2015, Ray (Raaj) helped provide “Donations” to the “Youth With Shelter.”  See below the letters from YWS.

Why Global Rethink?

Humanity is at a precipice of monumental change.  The name says it all; Global Rethink.  Every system needs to be relooked, restore if needed, and rebuilt if needed, but what’s absolute is that we need to create a parallel set of systems to replace the corrupt systems that have hijacked our consciousness, and this change is not going to come easy. But it’s overdue and needed.

Why now? Sometimes you just know deep inside your soul that the timing is right to take all of your life’s lessons, good and bad, and inject that experience and wisdom into something greater than yourself.

Ray’s vision is to transform every fiber of the corrupt system and instill an authentic, collective, balanced system.  In this vision, there will be no governments.  No one will starve. Everyone gets healthcare.  Everyone gets a roof over their head.  What’s being redefined is “Purpose.”

As people learn more about the plan, see the support it provides, and start to engage in the great works that tug at their hearts and soul of humanity, purpose gets amplified.

Imagine humanity removing all ego, and all pride, and collectively working together, using our shared knowledge to improve our local communities, that are connected to national/global infrastructures… we get to transcend our energies… can you imagine that world?  Join today and get started if you haven’t already. It’s time to rethink everything.


April 2000

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South Asian Life 

Fashion Issue


South Asian Life 

Deepak Chopra


South Asian Life 

Prime Minister of Canada


South Asian Life, Jean Chrétien 



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2006: Marketing Magazine


2008: Marketing Magazine


2014: Business Insider

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