Rethinking health care, education, farming to improve local communities

We love what we do

Working with bright, intelligent like-minded people with similar goals, we are reshaping better models within communities without Government overreach. Such as healthcare, education, and affordable living.

Our working process

With volunteers, leaders and experts across Canada, US, UK, and around the world. Action = Change!


Time For Change Is Now!

Humanity is at a precipice of change; people are coming together and breaking free from the hypnosis and corruption they were under.

People locally, and globally are tired of the lack of transparency from political leaders, the political system, and the majority of the social systems, health care, education, energy, farming, and industry… which has resulted in Corporate and Government overreach.  This needs to be restored and if needed rebuilt.

Global Rethink (GR) is a community of like-minded people that focus on common goals.  GR is a network of local, regional, and national members.  Members can all relate to other members who still have their different beliefs, values, and morals.  Our differences are what make us unique and colorful in spirit.  Respect, transparency, and communications are some of our core fundamental values.

Our main initiative is a call for “All Hands On Deck.” Boots on the ground locally, door to door, and in group Chapter meetings, we are taking charge and action on many of our initiatives.  If you value your freedom of choice, privacy, the future of your children, and health.  Then you’ve come to the right place, we would love to have you join our community!


Our Founders

People forgot the power they had to change the world.

Ray Brown


Ray Brown, is an author, podcaster, visionary and entrepreneur.  Not exactly a jack of all trades, but never the kind to give up!  Ray currently has over 14 podcast shows; ranging from Meditation, Consciousness, Business, Sports, Spirituality, Mental Health, Relationships, Parenting, Comedy, and so on… you can view more on his website RayBrown.net.

Ray has a lot of experience with human consciousness, business, politics, and how our social infrastructure is set up.  All the system models are designed around controlling the human mind and keeping people enslaved.  So when Ray launched this project Rethink/Restore, everyone loved his plans, but no one knew who he was, besides the few close people to Ray, no one really knew Ray or where he came from and who he was… and many questions started rising up into the motives behind this project and Ray’s intentions.  Is Ray controlled opposition?  Is Ray a con artist?  People were asking all these questions because they wanted to believe, and Ray understood their concerns because he would be asking the same questions.  So here is a detailed timeline of Ray’s work, awards, media articles and more insight into why he started this project.

Our company history and facts

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Our Initiatives process outline and strategy

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